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  • Picture of Colosso Demo Display English
  • Picture of Colosso Demo Display English
  • Picture of Colosso Demo Display English
Colosso Demo Display English
Availability: In stock
Retail: 0,00 $

To obtain this Colosso display FREE OF CHARGE, you need in the same order to buy a minimum of 3 Colosso and add this Colosso display to your order.

**** ATTENTION ****
- Take note that without the purchase of 3 Colosso on your order, you are not eligible to this display offer. Also note that the other two displays if you ask them will be free. So if you buy 3 Colosso, you also have the 3 displays, but you have to specify it.
- Add this display in your order, it will not automatically be added to your order. It is necessary to add or to specify it at the time of your order.

**** IMPORTANT ****
Limit of 1 free display by customer or store.

Here is the piece of resistance, the great Colosso Demo display. In dimensions of only 16 '' high X 19 '' deep and 30 '' wide, it will by its revolutionary presentation, do the work of sale for you and here is why;

1.The vibrator is of course given to you for free with the display!

2. A maximum of information is directly printed on the display itself!

3.The charging cable is included, your demo will serve you very long!

4.It is made of a strong and durable plastic!

5.The packaging of the product itself is on the display, a first in the displays. In this way the information is even more complete!

6.The vibrator itself is equipped with an anti-theft system!
The Colosso vibrator is a real phenomenon and for your staff and your customers to be totally satisfied… everything is there for a total understanding!

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