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  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
  • Picture of MISS ON THE GO KEGEL
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Retail: 129,99 $

Product can be operated with mobile app Apple® (App store) and Android® (Play Store) through Bluetooth®.


Kegel exercises, does that ring any bells? Ladies, Miss On the Go™ has been created to tone your pelvic muscles while allowing you to experience vibrant and extraordinary sensations,yes high intensity vaginal stimulation. Surely you have heard that a woman into vaginal stimulation is more mature than a woman who simply seeks clitoral stimulation. I am sure you have also heard lots of talk about vaginal orgasms being much more intense, satisfying and explosive, well Miss On the Go gives you the power! In addition the mobile app is not restricted to yourself alone but with a partner far away with the aid of his/her smartphone which can help you further discover your sexuality. Whether you are single or in a relationship enjoy your femininity to the absolute extreme. Miss On the Go, not even our clients asked this much!!

Miss On the Go™ is a vibrating Kegel exerciser designed to help women tone their pelvic muscles and aid with Kegel exercises. This product is for Vaginal use only and is not clinically tested. This product is not intended or designed for medical use.

For adult use only.

• Five vibration modes
• Up to 2.5 hours of continuous usage at full power
• Materials: Medical Silicone and ABS Plastic (Hypoallergenic) as well as internal electronic components
• Lithium rechargeable batteries
• Product is recharged with a USB cable provided in the packaging
• Recharging the product to full capacity takes approximately three hours
• LED light indicator
• Decibel Rating: Less than 50 dB (The highest vibration setting is the loudest)
• Waterproof and can be submerged up to one meter (three feet)
• Optimal temperature for usage between 10°C and 40°C
• Weight : 65g
• Size : Vibrator (Length : 9,5 cm. Height : 3,6 cm). Antenna (Length : 14,6 cm. Height : 0,7 cm)
• Packaging consists of recycled materials

Product can be operated with mobile app available on Apple® (App store) and Android® (Play Store) through Bluetooth®. Compatible versions with the mobile app are available and updated online due to the rapid pace of technological change.

The concept behind Miss VV’s Mystery is simple: a healthy sex life to inspire self-confidence.


Passionate about well-being, eroticism as well as aiming for high goals, she studied management at UQAM and McGill. Miss VV then decided to make her dream come true: own her own business in a fascinating market in which she could use her knowledge, creativity and personal touch to enhance women’s lives first and far most and also couples.

More than the mere creation and production of a simple sex toy, Miss VV’s Mystery is the sum of this entrepreneur’s achievements that have led to an idea designed to give women choices according to their needs.

Made for today’s women who want to make their desires a reality!

Confidence is sexy.

Your product is guaranteed for a period of 5 years and all purchases are final.

The warranty on the product over the coverage period must have proof of purchase. Please keep original purchase receipt.

Miss VV Mystery inc.™ guarantees its product for a period of 1 year following the date of purchase towards workmanship and manufacturer defects. In the event this product becomes defective or unusable during the warranty period, please notify us via email at with the original date and proof of purchase and we will replace the product up to a maximum of 2 times while keeping the client informed on the steps during the replacement process. The client will be responsible for shipping and handling. Should a malfunction occurs in the next 4 years following the FIRST YEAR of Warranty coverage, a rebate of 50% will be issued to the client toward the purchase of a NEW product.

This Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, accidental damage, abuse, negligence or any other misuse deviating from the instruction manual provided. Each product that is returned will be thoroughly inspected in order to determine the source of the malfunction. Tampering, opening or modifying the product is strictly prohibited and will immediately void the Warranty.



'Between Tinder and UberX'


'A variety of options!'


'Miss VV went beyond audacity to create Miss On the Go'


'A motivation for your exercises!'


'What this gadget has to offer far exceeds the usual features of a sex toy'


'I have a feeling this is going to be the next big thing in sex toys and Kegel exercices!'


'About to revolutionize the industry'


'We certainly haven't seen anything like it before!'


N.B.: Please note that Miss VV Mystery inc. does not have ownership rights and copyrights on the quotes, articles and interviews enumerated above. All of the trademarks to which reference is made in this document are the exclusive property of their respective holders.


What is Miss On the Go?
Miss On the Go is a sex toy developed to help women locate and tone their pelvic muscles. This vibrating Kegel exerciser facilitates the execution of Kegel exercises while making them more enjoyable. We have also added a little extra feature to Miss On the Go. The mobile app allows women in a relationship or singles to realize their fantasies through our integrated game!

What are Kegel exercises and pelvic muscles? 
Kegel exercises are used to tone your pelvic muscles with a series of contractions. Here are the benefits for your health :

  • Helps the pelvic muscles recovery process after pregnancy;
  • Prevents urinary incontinence: leaking and loss of bladder control;
  • Increases intensity and frequency of orgasms (Multiple orgasms).

How does Miss On the Go work?
Miss On the Go is inserted into the vagina while the antenna remains outside the body. You may select the desired vibration mode manually or with the mobile app. The vibration makes it easier to locate the pelvic muscles and thereby tone them in a pleasant way.

How does the mobile app work? 
Miss On the Go 's mobile app enables the user to take control of the vibrations or give control to a partner of your choice. This is also a social media app where men and women can meet anonymously to explore their more intimate fantasies.

The App has three main functions:

1. My Own Pleasure
Woman controls the vibration of her own device.

2. Strong is the New Sexy
A light vibration allows surrounding pelvic muscles to contract and relax.
1 cycle = 5 seconds of contraction followed by 5 seconds of relaxation
1 session = 10 cycles of 10 seconds

3. Let the Game Begin
The Game is linked to our revolutionary Social Media Community.

Participants are invited to create an anonymous profile. The power of choice is strictly reserved to women who may invite a partner to start a Game. Woman then relinquishes full control of her Miss On the Go to her partner. According to their desires, players may exchange photos and text messages throughout the course of a Game. With a simple swipe of the finger, women can indicate their level of satisfaction via the Pleasure-O-Meter.

Two ways to play:

  • I Know Who I Want: Allows women to invite their partner to play using one’s username.
  • Mystery Game: Women can browse through profiles using age and gender preferences in order to send an invite to a mysterious partner.

Does Miss On the Go start vibrating anywhere at anytime?
No! Ladies, it’s up to you to choose when to use Miss On the Go. During a game, you have to send an invitation to the desired partner. The chosen one can then decide to accept or refuse your invitation. Both you and your partner may continue to play or end the session. It’s all about being consensual.

Is Miss On the Go commanded with a mobile app only?
No. You may select the vibration manually, more specifically, the ON/OFF button. You can then select the desired vibration before inserting Miss On the Go in the vagina.

Do I need an Internet connection when using Miss On the Go with the mobile app?
Everything depends on the selected mode. You have to make sure that your device is compatible with Bluetooth® 4.0. If you wish to change the vibration mode yourself, you do not need Internet. If you wish to play with a partner on the app, you will require access to Internet.

What is the recommended distance between my device and Miss On the Go when I use with the app?
Miss On the Go can be controlled within a 20 foot range with Bluetooth® 4.0. In some cases, the distance may be reduced or amplified. For maximum results when using Miss On the Go on Bluetooth® connection only, it is strongly recommended to:

  1. Keep the product out of the water, specifically the antenna. The transmission of data by Bluetooth® via radio waves may not function properly under water;
  2. Do not block the signal by crossing your legs or being in a position that would prevent the signal from being detected;
  3. Keep the antenna away from metallic object such as zippers, metal chairs, computers etc.
  4. Be aware that an increase in body temperature may affect the Bluetooth® signal.

The partner of your choice can be anywhere in the world as long as an Internet connection is available.

I’m a man, can I use Miss On the Go?
If you are in a relationship with a woman, add excitement to it with a Miss On the Go ! If you are single, create your profile on the app and realize one’s fantasies. Who knows? You might end up on a date! Gentlemen, pay attention during the game, you get a rating at the end…

Can I use Miss On the Go as a vibrator?
Yes, Miss On the Go vibrates. Some will use it for masturbation and clitoral stimulation. Miss On the Go can be use on the body during sexual intercourse, only if you remove the product from the vagina prior to penetration. Please note that anal use with Miss On the Go is prohibited, since the product is not designed to be inserted in the anus.

Is Miss On the Go waterproof?
Yes! However, if you use Miss On the Go with the mobile app, the Bluetooth® signal might be compromised or unavailable.

How do I clean Miss On the Go ?
Wash the product using clean warm water and proper cleanser for medical silicone sex toys.

Can I use a lubricant?
Yes, water based only.

Is there other sizes of Miss On the Go?
Miss On the Go is available in one size.

Weight: 65g
Vibrator (Length: 9.5 cm - Height: 3.6 cm)
Antenna (Length: 14.6 cm - Height: 0.7 cm)

Are there any other colors available for Miss On the Go?
Miss On the Go is offered in red. If you have suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know!


Can I use Miss On the Go if I’m pregnant?
It is strongly not recommended and prohibited to use Miss On the Go if you are pregnant or think you are. If in doubt or have any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

Can I use Miss On the Go in my anus?
No. Miss On the Go is made for a vaginal use only. Anal sex toys are constructed with a blocking system which may prevent absorption in the intestines (causing damage). Miss VV has received a lot of inquiries. She is thinking about her next creation..!

Can I use Miss On the Go if I have an IUD?
Yes. If you have sexual intercourse and your body responds well, you should respond well to Miss On the Go. It is possible that some women might be more sensitive and feel discomfort or pain. Listen to your body and if in doubt or have any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

Is Miss On the Go hypoallergenic?
Yes. Miss On the Go is designed and manufactured with medical silicone, a hypoallergenic material. However, there may be exceptions. In case of any doubt or for any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

Can I urinate or defecate while having Miss On the Go inside my vagina?
It is strongly recommanded to remove Miss On the Go from your vagina before urinating or defecating. You may feel discomfort and pain if you do not remove the unit. In case of any doubt or for any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

What is the recommended usage time?
Each woman is different and every vagina is different. Some will use Miss On the Go  5 minutes a day, 50 minutes a day, 5 hours a day, etc. Listen to your body and do not abuse it. Please read the instructions carefully before use and in case of any doubt or for any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

N.B. : It is very important to read the instructions (provided with the product) carefully, before use. In case of any doubt or any additional questions, please contact a health professional.

Is your device compatible with the app?

Go to “Settings” to discover the version of the software you’re using.

• Versions 7.1 or newer

Can’t find the version you’re using in your “Settings”? Still unsure about your device compatibility? No stress!


N.B.: Miss On the Go™ mobile app might work with other versions not listed above. Please note that the guarantee of compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

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